The Conjuring: Conjuring my fear


I am a complete sucker for films that have anything to do with spirituality. And for 3 years I’ve been studying the paranormal and even experiencing things to know that this movie truly was one of the scariest movies yet. Though, for Hollywood some of the accounts were to have been exaggerated for the audience‘s expense. But, it was a good throw within the movie. James Wan, actually never seems to fail me when I’ve watched Insidious or Saw. But, with The Conjuring the use of shots and music really achieved his motive of giving the audience a sense of dread.

But for a quick spoiler within the movie I spotted this wonderful lady right here:Image

Now, remember closely when you watched it (or if you didn’t watch it, then watch closely) that when Mrs. Perron visited the Warren’s seminar- little did the audience or the fictional Mrs. Perron knew the real Lorraine Warren sat a few rows a ahead!

How Quentin Tarantino was that?

This was a definite “must watch” after I heard that this was a Warren case. God bless Ed and Lorraine for their bravery!

Also, I found that the Anabelle portion of the movie was a nice jolt for everyone. It seems they didn’t use a replica of  doll because it is believed that depicting an evil object can haunt others.  But speaking of haunt, the audience was getting a bit of a paranormal experience after watching the movie as well.



These we’re given to the audience after the events of the early screening. Now what a fright is that?

Even the high school kids behind me were scared, screaming commentary to keep themselves contained. I myself hidden behind my cardigan and popcorn. This was truly an experience that I would go for again.


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I want to get out of here (Backpacking in third world countries)

My family are full of wanderlust individuals that I envy. They all found different worlds that I wish I have tagged along if ever they have asked me to. So far I’ve visited Philippines (I was born there), Canada, and Guam from an airplane window. This summer I enjoyed the whole entire west coast of North America. From Vancouver to Los Angeles to Las Vegas I found it was interesting family vacation. 

Also, I’ve been needing an escape from the world I am used to a world of unknown. This inspiration came from my family members sharing stories of every journey they have experienced. Now I started a “For Travel” jar, and yayme! For having collected every penny to make up $100 so far. Now I’m searching jobs and what-not to make up my funds. 

So where do I want to go?

1.) The Philippines

Now, I’m a native from that country but never have actually experienced it outside of Manila or Boracy. For my grandfather’s greatest achievement of perfect attendance for 20 years in the airlines, I am able to travel there for free. And with some visitation by family, my funds wont be depleted as they would be.  Now, next to sloths, If I saw a tarsier I would cry my eyes out. For I’ve been meaning to go to Bohol for so many years now, this has to be a wish come true. And then a quick visit to my grandmother in Marinduque It is known for scuba diving and I would love to do that. I also plan to do some volunteer work, but I have to see first what’s there.


2.) Australia  (the only common wealth country I’m going to)

Here, I’m most likely staying with family as well. And working in a resort with my aunt, $25 dollars an hour sounds beautiful dont you agree? I want to do some out backing, spear fishing, and practically a whole Australian get away. I’m still planning this out.

3.) South Asia

Here is the real fun. I still need to plan this out, but all I know Camobodia, Thailand, Laos, are definitely the places I’d like to see. Here I’m actually on my own. Traveling far and wide, hostel to hostel.


Practically I’m also traveling for spiritual purposes. Since I’ve started New Age thinking. Well I hope I push through.

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How to handle it when your kid finds out Santa isn’t real

First off this was probably the saddest moment I’ve ever had to see my 11 year brother go through. Which was learning the fact the fat jolly man in the red suit wasn’t real.

I mean I found out through deductive reasoning and clues that my 3rd grade mind processed the fact that St. Nick and my mother had the same handwriting. But, it was better than a discussion in Popeye’s with fried chicken and childhood stories with my family. 

My brother was in shock when he first found out. He sat idly for about 30 minutes, everyone glanced over my loose lipped aunt who fumbled through words to convince my brother that Santa was real. I stood and consoled my brother who was already in tears. He managed to whisper “my spirit is gone”. I told him that “Adults don’t remember Santa, Santa replaces their memory with their parents putting presents under the tree. Because kids are the only ones who know ’bout this stuff. When you turn 18 you will forget Santa and even if your bad Santa will erase your memory because you don’t deserve to know the secret.  I mean I have only a year left to know these things and you have 7 more. Cherish it, all because they don’t know the true meaning of believing doesn’t mean you should stop.” He nodded but was still in shock. Everyone in my family promised him trips to the south pole and that’s when a smile perked. I danced in a parking lot so he can be a bit happier. 

Well, I guess I did lie to him. But, just like religion you need something to believe in even if you don’t think it’s real or you have some scientific proof it’s not. If we didn’t have some sort of hope, I think humanity would just be a bunch of depressed donkeys. 

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Canada -British Columbia- Vancouver

Canada was probably the most cleanliest country I’ve ever been to. (Minus the fact in public restrooms I did not see a single toilet seat cover) This is why for 7 days I have been on delay on blogging. 13 hour car rides do not make someone happy, I tell you that. Now, Canada was just America 2.0. I’ve only been to British Columbia and that was a pretty clean province. I mean they try pretty hard, i.e. you  have to insert a dollar coin in order to use a shopping cart! I think that’s pretty smart. Considering the fact that most shopping carts become homes to recycled cans and plastics to homeless people or stolen joyrides from teenagers. Well you go Canada! 

I have to say I was definitely disappointed by the fact there was no moose. On my ride there I was raving to my parents on how excited I was to see such a beautiful brown beast. I mean they are glorious creatures, with their antlers and such. I mean look at it-




How majestic.

Another thing that was a great experience was Tim Hortons and I swear to every celestial being that was some damn good coffee. My brother and I took our first sips of French Vanilla coffee and we were in a state of euphoria. It was sweet and yes of course there was a hint of maple within it. 

 (I’m too lazy to post photos of my trip so I’ll do that in the next post. So far google images makes this interesting.)

Now, just like the rest of the world everything was in meters and in Celsius I had to convert everything. It’s difficult, especially growing up with  a math deficiency and with miles.

Vancouver reminded me of a smaller and calmer San Francisco, everyone went to sleep early. Even some bars closed at 12 am. I realized there was alcohol control, because even liquor stores closed at 5pm. Could explain why I haven’t seen anyone with a beer belly!


Drinking age in B.C. is 19



Speaking of that almost everyone I saw was fit. I mean extremely fit. As in you didn’t see any walking whales or anything of that sort. 

When trekking Grouse Mountain, I found that I almost lost my legs. But I made it to the top of that 4,000 foot mountain. All from the support of praying to every god and then rewarded by poutine.

Oh did I mention poutine?

It’s this delicious food…..  Youtube will describe it for you.

After that dreaded mountain, I visited a very extremely unique bar called EXP.

Now, it’s nerd paradise in there. I mean nerd paradise. They had one of these babies in there and I had to get it.


Now I cannot express you enough how amused I was looking at the menu – 

ImageAnd their drinks I mean c’mon, it was even better.

I also spent a really nice Canada day where everyone sang the Canadian national anthem.


overall- thank you Canada! 

I am also disappointed to not see Lights, since I was told she lives in Toronto. Damn it.

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Seattle Pride

A family adventure into the west coast. I am currently in the beautiful country of Vancouver, Canada. But recounting the from the events earlier I found how fun it was in Seattle. Being it for my first time, it felt like Seattle was a little San Fransisco. Today, it happened to be pride. It was beautiful.



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Observation 1: The chaos is us


In my belief, we do things only because we have the power to do what we can. As humans we like to make things complicated for ourselves. Naturally we put ourselves in situations where we force ourselves out of happiness. 

Here’s the thing, in psychology we have the scarcity effect. The scarcity effect is used throughout our daily lives such as marketing or love. It’s where we have that need for something that is seemingly hard to get. And we have the drive to go get it. But why? Don’t most people want to take the easy route? Actually no. The less of the product the more of that drive to go get it. 

People like being put in situations where they are challenged. Otherwise, let’s face it, how boring would life be if we were not challenged? We put ourselves in dire situations knowingly or unknowingly. Another example is amusement parks, almost every ride has an edge of putting yourself in a situation where you can fall to your death. 

Whether we know it or not, we love to put ourselves in bad situations. It’s apart of our human nature really. I could spur out more examples, but that could range from everything to anything.

And this is why with every chaos that comes within us, affects the chaos around us, Making a huge chaos for the reason why “World Peace” would always be a hard objective for all of us to achieve. 

Realizing in my 3 years of high school, that even if I had a good and steady life. I would always try to mix things up. Such as keeping people who have treated me badly in my life, try to do risky business, do slightly illegal things,  get in fights with friends, and all that in between stuff you probably see in SKINS. But, I find myself asking why? I don’t know why I like to do things that involve doing something crazy. Here’s the thing, I had a perfectly great relationship that followed from 7th to Sophomore year. Though this significant other did nothing to me to destroy our trust and relationship. I found that I wanted to break-free. And I did so in very bad ways. For about 3 years, I still don’t know the true reason why I decided to cause chaos to our relationship and cause it to end. But, then I came to an underlying conclusion that maybe I wanted it to happen. For if it didn’t  I wouldn’t have grown. And this involves many events that has happened in my life, from losing people, to failing tests to every situation that I’ve caused. 

But without the chaos that we conceive then again how do we grow? 

And this is why we crave it, and this is why we yearn this chaos. 

In reference to Petyr “Little Finger” Baelish, from Game Of Thrones,  

“Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, they cling to the realm or the gods or love. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.”

Now you take some thought in that.

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